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Are you looking to find God’s truth for you? This books discusses the importance of addressing life’s struggles to help you become who God purposed you to be.

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Are you in the area? Stay alert to what events JWM will be presenting in the months ahead. If you have an event you would like for JWM to be apart of, please contact us.

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Our programs provide holistic approach to healing from trauma with necessary, appropriate and effective resources for those living in urban and underserved communities.

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About Just Wright Ministries

Just Wright Ministries was birthed in the spirit of Charryse Wright as an opportunity to plant seeds of love, hope and healing to God’s children while in a hopeless place. Just Wright Ministries provides options and opportunities to assist in your healing process and our desire is to see you delivered, healed, set free and made whole.

Just Wright Ministries is an organization dedicated to the lives of the leaders in my family. The Wright family created by Samuel and Annie Mae (Hall) Wright Sr was full of Educators, Helpers, Healers, Hope, and Love wrapped in the foundation of God.


What We Value?


JWM is rooted in Christian theology and principles, which includes respecting the beliefs of others.


JWM is committed to being honest and integral, reliable and accountable, flexible and open-minded, respectful and compassionate in all encounters with our participants.


JWM strives to effectively adopt a posture that is instrumental in creating a climate in which individual or family skills, knowledge, and capabilities are respected, cultivated and find full expression.

Trauma Informed

JWM utilizes a philosophy of providing care that is safe and focuses on developing trauma-resistant skills, strengths and recovery in a transformative and collaborative way.

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Women’s Wellness Retreat
8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Women’s  Wellness Retreat March 22-24, 2019 Location -TBA Topics Addressed A Spiritual Approach to Understanding: What is Trauma How to Address Trauma Financial Literacy Mental Health Health &...

Gratefully Growing Challenge


I feel like a fraud.

I am the go-to for support, motivation and encouragement for many in my life, but I realized I am not practicing what I preach.  In our conversations, everyone knows they have a 24-hour period to wallow with me and then the crown is straightened and the work begins to address whatever the issue is. While this typically works for most situations, this is not working for me right NOW.

Today, I was reflecting and realized I have lost my oomph and am slipping done a dangerous slope into an area that I am not comfortable with. I am in a rut.  I haven’t been praying or reading my Bible like I normally do. My language is a little sketchy. My patience is thin. My conversations make me clutch my pearls and my thoughts are scary. Ugh. What am I going to do?

Women's Wellness Session

A day of hope, healing, love, and fellowship.