Where did this ministry come from?

Just Wright Ministries was birthed in the spirit of Charryse Wright as an opportunity to plant seeds of love, hope and healing to God’s children while in a hopeless place. Just Wright Ministries provides options and opportunities to assist in your healing process and our desire is to see you delivered, healed, set free and made whole.

Just Wright Ministries is an organization dedicated to the lives of the leaders in my family. The Wright family created by Samuel and Annie Mae (Hall) Wright Sr was full of Educators, Helpers, Healers, Hope, and Love wrapped in the foundation of God.  My  great-grandparents  not only taught us about God but showed us about God in the way they treated people.  They went to church, prayed AND helped those in need with clothing, food, shelter, and any other resource that was needed to help stabilize the crisis. These experiences were not only seen through the behavior of my great-grandparents, but also their sons, my great-uncles and grandfather.   Watching them humbly, patiently, and joyfully provide for others planted seeds in me.

Just Wright Ministries is a Christian wellness center that offers services for people who have experienced or are experiencing trauma in urban and underserved communities.   Trauma is a distressing event that causes some type of response from the traumatized.  Trauma can be experienced in the form of physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse, environmental, generational, or natural disaster.

We believe Christianity is influenced by traumatic experiences wrapped in Christ’s love; however, there is a gap between spirituality and trauma to which Just Wright desires to be a bridge. People experiencing or who have experienced trauma are often shaken to the core because their basic assumptions about life are shattered.  It is imperative that one is able to reconcile their expectations with their experiences, so that they can begin healing. No matter the place that one finds themselves in,

Just Wright Ministries wants to remind you that you are JUST WRIGHT for


Just Wright Ministries is dedicated to the Memory and Legacy of:

Samuel and Annie Mae Wright Sr.
Samuel and Mildred Wright Jr.
Ray Wright
Paul Wright

Who Is Charryse Wright?

Charryse N. Wright was born and raised in Sanford, Florid attending Historic St. James AME Church during her childhood.  Due to the effects of childhood traumatic experiences Charryse, turned away from the church and God for a while.  While Charryse was struggling to find her way, God continued to call and use her to minister to God’s people.

During this wilderness season, Charryse joined the US Army and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida.  As a social worker she worked as a community provider in criminal court and psychiatric hospitals providing support for individuals suffering from mental illness, homelessness and substance abuse issues.

When Charryse answered God’s call to address her trauma, God began using her as a consultant with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Center for Trauma Informed Care (NCTIC), where she shares her testimony of healing, forgiveness and accepting God’s love in lectures and trainings for staff, consumers, and administration in the United States and internationally, on the practice of trauma-informed care and its applications.

As an advocate for trauma recovery, Charryse works tirelessly to help others understand that trauma can leave a gaping hole in one’s soul that needs healing and forgiveness which only comes from understanding the importance of and accepting God’s redeeming love.   She is passionate about the connections between trauma and spirituality and is committed to helping all God’s children obtain their liberation.

She is the author of Finding God’s Truth Within, a workbook about obtaining forgiveness and healing to be able to walk into your God-given purpose.

She has a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Barry University and a  Master’s degree in Divinity from United Lutheran Seminary.  She is currently pursing a Master’s in Community and Trauma Counseling.

Her most important ministry is being a mother to the apple of her eye, her 15-year-old son, Dominic.

Charryse plants seeds of hope, healing, trust and love in the lives of those she serves, and it coincides with one of her favorite bible verses, I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase 1 Corinthians 3:6-8.